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Dr. Summer Godfrey

Dr. Summer Godfrey has been providing veterinary care for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, pot-bellied pigs, reptiles and equines since 2005 and is proud to join Amador Valley Veterinary Center.

Dr. Godfrey graduated in 2005 from the U.C. Davis Veterinary School. Her first veterinary job was in Palm Springs working with horses (focusing on Polo horses) and small animals.

During this time she broadened her veterinary skills by treating pot belly pigs and goats. A lover of all creatures, great and small, Summer also treats exotic pets such as rabbits and reptiles. She has been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) since 2008.  Dr. Godfrey is now also certified in Canine Rehabilitation.

Summer lives with her husband, her beautiful baby daughter (Stevie Raye) and a houseful of dogs! When she isn't treating her four-legged patients, Summer can be found spending time at home with her family and dogs. She loves to visit her in-law's ranch in Gold Country or her parent's home in Palo Cedro.

Summer and her family are quite active and enjoy swimming, hiking and playing with the dogs outdoors! Summer's love and compassion for all animals began as she grew up; her parents always rescued and fostered animals. Growing up in this animal centric environment paved the way for Summer to create and follow her dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Her entire family has pets and Christmas time is especially fun and rambunctious - there can be up to 15 dogs at any given time!

Schedule: Monday - Friday

*Accepting New Patients

Dr. Daryl Wolf

In 1989, Dr. Daryl Wolf & his wife, Linda, started Amador Valley Veterinary Hospital (now Amador Valley Veterinary Center). Dr. Wolf's career path began as he attended Occidental College and graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry. He then pursued his veterinary education at the University of California, Davis and was awarded his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1981.

Following veterinary school, he went on to complete a six-month, post-graduate externship at the Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan Zoological Park in Israel. Upon his return to the U.S., Dr. Wolf continued his professional career in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has been caring for pets in the greater tri-valley area since 1985.

Dr. Wolf's love of animals since childhood led him to become a veterinarian. He strives to provide the best care for each pet and help strengthen the bond between owners and their pets. He enjoys working with clients and their pets each day and is glad to know he is improving their lives. Dr. Wolf has special interests in internal medicine and avian, reptile, and exotic animal care.

Dr. Wolf and his wife Linda are proud parents of two adult sons, Aaron and Josh and share their home with several pets including three dogs, "Lyka" (papillion), "Sherman" (cairn terrier/pomeranian mix) and "Jasmine" (springer spaniel mix), two cats, "Nikita" and "Lando", and an amazon parrot, "Donovan". During his leisure time, Dr. Wolf enjoys taking kung fu and tai chi classes with Linda, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, reading, travel, and watching sci-fi films.

Dr. Wolf is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the California Veterinary Medical Association, the Contra Costa Veterinary Medical Association, the Association of Avian Veterinarians, and the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians.

Schedule: Monday / Tuesday and Thursday / Friday.  Available on select Saturdays, please call to request dates. 

*Accepting New Patients

Dr. Franklin Utchen, DVM

Dr. Utchen graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1986.  In 1989 he and Dr. DeLano co-founded Norris Canyon Veterinary Medical Center in San Ramon, which in the year 2000 became Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center.  His special interests are Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency/Critical Care, Dentistry, and Anesthesiology/Pain Management.  He lives with his two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Gus and Torri, and has two daughters who live with him when they are home from college.

"My two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Tori and Gus, never cease to make me laugh.  Weith their own doggie dorr they let themselves out in the yard whenever they want.  I usually see Gus outside digging in the mud, trying to find that elusive gopher, and find Tori walking daintily along the mower curb in the yard so her paws don't get dirty.  It's all fun and games until Gus drags the mud through the house.  Most recently, he came darting in through the door at 6:00 AM, rubbing his face frantically on the carpet and every piece of furniture, reeking of skunk.  For a week the smell in the house was almost unbearable (Febreeze in no match for that odor!) and several baths later (including one with tomato juice) I could still smell Gus in the next room.  Learned his lesson?  Doubful.  To be continued.... "

Schedule: Saturdays at Amador Valley Veterinary Center;  Mondays, Tuesdays, & Fridays at Feline Medical Center in Pleasanton

Dr. Liesl Peterson

Dr. Liesl Peterson grew up in the Bay Area and graduated from Veterinary School at the University of California, Davis in 1997.  She is excited to bring her passion for veterinary medicine to the hospital and to create long lasting relationships with clients and pets.  She enjoys all facets of primary veterinary medicine including preventative care, diagnositc imaging, surgery, and dentistry.  She is also eager to share her enthusiasm for the field with students, and a class geared towards helping prospective parents prepare their pets for the arrival of children.

In her free time, Dr Peterson enjoys spending time with her sons and husband, as well as biking, going to the beach, cooking, reading - and being entertained by her French Bulldog, Buttercup.

"As a Veterinarian, it's no surprise that animals have always been an important part of my life.  As I watched the trailer for "A Dog's Purpose" I was reminded of the remarkable animals I've been lucky to share my life and home with, and I've been reflecting on their purpose in my life.  While I have taught them a few things, what I have learned from them is far greater and more valuable.  The roles that each of our companions has filled could not be more different.  But the love they brought us is all the same.


Savannah, the cutest Labrador Redbone Coonhound cross, was the first dog that my husband and I had together.  Her big floppy ears made her look like Dumbo, and like a baby elephant, she was also a handful.  In learning to handle her energy and antics, she taught us patience and unconditional love.  As our true first child, she laid the groundwork for parenting when our human children came along.  She was a demure old lady by the time our kids came into her life, and they remember her as the perfect dog.

We currently share our home with Buttercup, the French Bulldog, who is committed to her belief that one should never lie on the floor when couches, blankets, and beds are available.  Though she loves her relaxation (and her tutu), Buttercup has many serious jobs in our family.  She makes us laugh, is a great companion for doing homework, and gives us a convenient excuse to get out for a walk.


We are fortunate to take care of your pet's health and understand they are an important part of your life.  Every pet has a unique personality and role in the home, but they all increase our capacity to give and receive love.  What is your pet's purpose in your life?  We'd love to hear your stories.  

Schedule: Dr Liesl Peterson is available for appointments Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  She is also available to see feline patients at Feline Medical Center on Fridays.

*Accepting New Patients

Dr. Sharon Paz, DVM

Cassie Amato
Veterinary Technician

It's been a joy working for AVVC for 7 years (since April 2008)! Each day is filled with something new which keeps my job exciting! I enjoy getting to know new clients and patients and build upon existing relationships. I have been fortunate enough to see pets grow from puppies and kittens into adult animals and I learn something new every day from different people and doctors.

I have 3 dogs- Moose, Jesse and Beau and also have 2 cats- Ellie and Scarlett!

When I am not at work, I am spending time with my husband and daughter Charli. I enjoy doing work outside and spending time at the lake or hiking, camping, hunting and fishing. I also enjoy reading.

Shannon Hoel
Client Service Representative

Shannon has been working in the veterinary field for almost 7 years.  She grew up working in animal rescue; her mom fostered cats and kittens for as long as she can remember.  Shannon shares her home with her husband of 6 years, their 4 year old son Austin, and their dog named Murphy - a two year old Pitbull mix.  When she is not working hard at AVVC serving our clients' needs, she enjoys playing with Austin, cooking, watching movies, reading, and crafting.

Melanie Blom
Exam Room Technician

Melanie currently fulfills the role of Exam Room Technician - you may see her frequently on her visits, as she takes your pet's weight and temperature!  Melanie currently has a husky at home, and her family has always had pets in the house: dogs, hamsters and rabbits too!  When she is not serving our clients and their pets, she enjoys collecting Funko pop figures and having fun with her friends and family.  She is also a self-proclaimed "comic book nerd" and a Star Wars fan.

Janet Jimenez
Veterinary Technician

I have had the honor or working with animals and in the veterinary field for the past 9 years and have been with AVVC since  January. There are a lot of things I enjoy about my job but what I enjoy most  is knowing we, as a team, are able to make pets feel better.   It's a team effort but I take pride in talking with owners and educating them so their pets can lead healthy lives.  

Not only do I work for a veterinary center but I have a pet named Pewee!. He is an 8 year old long haired chihuahua who is certainly a one of a kind pet!  He loves attention and will behave even better when food and treats are involved (I sometimes need to bribe)! 

When I am not working, I like to spend time with my two daughters . Our favorite thing to do is go to the park and have picnics.  They are a joy. 

Pam Lingenfelder
Client Service Representative

I have been with AVVC for almost 3 years now.  I come from 20+ years in the dental field so the veterinary industry was completely new for me.  I have very much enjoyed learning all there is about animals and am still learning.  I love to see all the different types of animals that visit here.  I have 2 dogs, Lola and Teddy, and 2 cats, Tyga and Raider.  They very much keep us on our toes.  I enjoy spending my off time with my husband Greg and 2 daughters Nicole and Maddie.

Jennifer Rodway
Veterinary Technician

Originally from Illinois, Jennifer moved to California when she was 10 years old.  She worked as a Veterinary Technician for 10 years and then took a break to become a nanny.  She loved being a nanny but missed being a Vet Tech more!  She is excited to be a part of the AVVC team.  

When not serving our clients and patients, Jennifer enjoys relaxing and hanging out with her family, friends, and fur-babies (two Shih Tzus and two black cats).  She is very close with her family and has one younger brother.  She also tries to go back each year to visit family still living in Illinois.

Maria Lalor
Client Service Representative

A Cal Poly graduate, Maria taught elementary school for 10 years before having children.  She has always loved animals and earned a Veterinary Assistant certificate from Cal State East Bay: she is excited to be an AVVC team member!

 Maria's hobbies include her family (husband Kevin and their 4 children), and her many animals: chocolate lab Simon; Mini Lop Bunnies Decarte, Cassie, and Leah; 8 fish; and a frog named Frog.  When not at home she enjoys hiking, biking, jogging, and the outdoors.  She also loves to cook and has taken many cooking classes.  Her specialties are desserts, specifically anything with chocolate!  

Viktoria Narine
Client Service Representative

Viktoria was drawn to work at AVVC for its small-town feel.  She loves taking time out to get to know not only the patients, but the clients as well: she takes pride in building relationships with our clients.  She loves coming to work for the fun teamwork dynamic between coworkers and for the variety of species that come in.  

Alex Clifton
Technician Assistant

Currently a student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Alex is a seasonal employee, working with us when she's not in school session.  We are thrilled to have her for the summer!  An Animal Science major, Alex plans to become a Veterinarian.  Her pets include a dog (Casee), a rabbit (Boots) and a duck (Pickle).  When not in school or at work, she enjoys photography, hiking, and working with animals (she raises and helps with breeding pigs!).  "I really love all my mentors at AVVC- they have become like family!  I also enjoy learning about all the different cases that come in and growing my skills!".

Hospital Cat

Lola is our oldest hospital cat; born in 2003. She was surrendered to us when she was only a year old. She loves attention from the staff (and anybody else who is around)and watches over them as they work. Lola also likes to say hello to our canine patients & make new friends. One of her fun qualities is she likes to sit in people's laps & knead their neck!

Hospital Cat

Logan came to us at approximately 2 years old in 2009. He's a cuddly love bug but if you give him too much love he'll drool on you! Logan also has quite the purr motor on him and he can get revved up just by looking at him. One of his favorite things to do (other than sleep) is to keep any papers we leave on the tables nice and warm.

Cindy Lopez
Hospital Manager

It has been my dream to work in a field that has always put a smile on my face.  I have been lucky enough to be involved in the veterinary industry for over 12 years now!  It's an incredible feeling to be a part of a team that works together to help make positive changes in the lives of our four-legged family members.  I am dedicated to making sure that all patients, clients, and staff are taken care of and treated with the respect they deserve.

I love spending time with my family, pet sitting, and most of all going to Disneyland.  My free time is spent taking care of my fiance, my dog Kirah, who is a princess that hates windshield wipers, and a cat named Harley who rules the house.

Christina Keas
Director of Human Resources

A graduate from CSUH with a degree in psychology, Christina has worked for Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care since its inception in 2000 and is now the Director of Human Resources for Amador Valley Veterinary Center (aquired by BRVC in 2015). 

An integral part in the growth of the hospital, Christina has held various leadership roles including reception, veterinary technician, and hospital supervisor.

Christina oversees the management over 100 employees. Christina lives with her two daughters, husband and their dog Colby, a rescued Labrador Retriever from Golden Gate Lab Rescue.

Margaret Simuro
Hospital Administrator

Margaret is a graduate of UC San Diego and Purdue University. A veterinary technician for more than 10 years with experience in emergency and critical care, she has managed multiple veterinary hospitals.

Always on the go, she enjoys traveling, gardening, sailing and spending time with her German Wirehaired Pointer Kiel, her cat Vinny, and Captain Jack, a California Desert Tortoise.